Acne Conglobata

Are you experiencing one or more swollen lesions on buttocks, shoulders, back, or face? Might be, you are suffering from a severe acne condition, Acne Conglobata.

Acne Conglobata Definition

Acne Conglobata is also known as Nodulocystic Conglobata Acne, is a severe cystic acne. It is an inflammatory ailment identified by the occurrence of scars abscesses over the surface of the skin. Although, this is a rare disorder it can occur to any men or women between 17 – 30 years of age. There have been few cases of this disease witnessed in infants. So, everyone needs to take care of this disorder as soon as it is detected.

Acne Conglobata Appearance

This acne appears like swollen nodules on the surface of the skin. They usually occur in groups and if are highly inflamed then they can increase in the size to over 5 mm diameter.

Usually, such acne occurs on the neck, upper arms, face, buttocks, and back. They have a black head, are larger in size, swollen, and painful. Each a pimple is bigger in size than usual and has a cyst in the middle that continues to spread towards the outer region. As the time passes, the lesions get filled with awful smelling pus and rupture from time to time.

Acne Conglobata History

Acne Conglobata can occur due to abusive use of anabolic androgenic steroid. Although there are very rare cases of this ailment, one should diagnose the acne occurring in the body as soon as possible. This disease can be linked to hidradenitis suppurativa that occurs mainly in patients with mild acne. If the ailment is not treated on time, then it can result in severe complications in humans, like arthritis, arthralgia, musculoskeletal syndrome, myalgia, hyperostosis, and renal amyloidosis.

Acne Conglobata – Who is at Risk?

This ailment is not so common, but it can occur in teenagers and youths between the ages of 15 to 30 years. Sometimes, this awful disease can even affect small children and infants.  This disease does not differ in gender and hence can occur in both men and women. This condition can occur to anyone who has a history of mild acne and is seen worldwide.

Acne Conglobata Causes

The exact cause of this disease is still unknown, but as per the past studies, few points have been identified that are believed to result in this ailment and make it worse.

  • PAPA Syndrome is a genetic disorder where individuals develop pains in joint and tend to become prone to various skin infections usually caused by an abnormal Chromosome 15. The full form of this syndrome is Pyogenic Arthritis Pyoderma Gangrenosum.
  • In some individuals with mild acne history, the possibility of having Acne Conglobata is more.
  • Abusive intake off anabolic steroids is a trigger to this ailment.
  • A sudden withdrawal of the testosterone therapy or testosterone treatment can lead to this disease.
  • Medications or foods that contain iodine or bromine can lead to skin allergies, which may develop to a severe acne condition.
  • If a person has a tumor in the adrenal gland then it might release a large sum of androgens, which may result in acne conglobate.
  • Overproduction of oils from the sebaceous glands of the body can lead to the occurrence of this ailment.

Acne Conglobata Symptoms

There are various symptoms accompanied by this disease. The major symptoms or signs of acne conglobate are listed here.

  • This ailment begins as normal acne that appears in the groups of two or more pimples forming around the blackheads on the various parts of the body.
  • Most of these pimples are not normal in size and are large and filled with cyst and fluid. Most of the times, they are swollen, sensitive and painful to touch.
  • These lesions are inflammatory and can become more painful if aggravated.
  • The acne under this situation will continue to grow in size and swelling till it finally ruptures into painful lesions.
  • Once they rupture, it is possible that they fill with fluid again and again. If the process continues then they can be more painful and remain on the skin surface for a longer time period.
  • They form a scab on the center and continue to spread outwards.
  • When they ultimately heal, they tend to leave big scars on the skin. They can even leave a behind a bump that is usually left after a burn or cut. The other sort of scar is similar to that of normal acne. Most of the acne scars are irreversible and deep.
  • Severe cases of acne conglobata can lead to disfigurement of skin. Some individuals may even experience severe symptoms, like self-consciousness, anxiety, and depression.

Acne Conglobata Diagnosis

For diagnosing acne conglobate, one has to go through a physical analysis by a skin specialist or dermatologist. If the patient has any medical history related to mild acne or any family history then he must inform the same to the expert. Another essential thing to inform the dermatologist is to inform them about the health history of the family, present ongoing medications, body lotions, cosmetics used, and infections.

Once the entire information is shared, then the patient would be tested for the range of testosterone in the body. Women suffering from this problem have to go through the test for PCOS to identify its occurrence.

If the condition has become worse and an individual has developed secondary infections, then a culture-test or skin biopsy needs to be performed. Under the skin biopsy process, the person is sent to the laboratory for pathological examination. The process of diagnosing and assessment is executed by an expert pathologist.

Finally, a differential analysis is executed to confirm the eventual skin condition. The diagnosis would be to differentiate between Acne fulminas, rosacea, vulgaris, eruptions, Acne Conglobata, and other types of skin diseases. Most of the acne has similar characteristics and symptoms and so an additional test is performed to identify the various ailments.

Acne Conglobata – Possible Complications

Acne Conglobata is a problematic ailment that may result in various complications, like severe mental stress, psychological disorders, a cosmetic disfigurement that needs to be corrected only through an extensive surgical process. This disease can also be the cause of various other bacterial allergies that usually develop when the ailment is at its severity. Most of the individuals even develop acne fulminas which is a deep and problematic type of the acne conglobate. In some cases, this acne may cause disorders in the body, which would make it difficult for the person to even carry the daily activities.

Acne Conglobata Treatment

Just like any disease, it is possible to get rid of this ailment by availing proper medication and treatment. Some of the possible treatment options available to combat acne conglobate are as follows:

  • Proper medications for bacterial infections, like antibiotics. But make sure that such medications are consumed only after consulting a skin expert or a dermatologist to make sure that the skin does not gets irritated further.
  • One may go for a cosmetic surgical procedure known as dermabrasion, which is performed under local anesthesia. Under this process, the raised and swollen lumpy acne and dark skin spots are rubbed off to smooth the skin surface and combat the further occurrence of such acne on other body parts.
  • Another cosmetic treatment for acne conglobate is chemical peeling, microdermabrasion, and punch excision that is useful to get rid of this ailment completely.
  • The therapy done through laser is a great way to overcome this problem.
  • Immunomodulation therapy that uses medications in order to strengthen the immunity to combat this problem.
  • Cosmetic Restorative Surgery is also a treatment to get rid of this ailment.
  • If you are suffering from any secondary ailment along with this disease, then it is essential that you consult an expert and avail proper medications for both the ailments. This would help you combat all health disorders with ease.

Acne Conglobata Prevention

Acne Conglobata is an uncommon skin trouble and hence as such, there are no proper preventive measures for this disease. But, if you are able to control some risk factors then it is possible to stay away from this disease.

Make sure to use only anabolic medications under the strict supervision of an expert skin specialist or dermatologist. Just double check the intake of any medication so that you do not experience any side effect from it. If you are diagnosed with a tumor or similar problem, then it is essential to take proper medication for it. This is because it can be a major cause of this problem.

Acne Conglobata FAQs

Is it possible to get rid of Acne Conglobata completely?

Yes, it is possible, but only if you take proper medication under strict supervision.

Can acne conglobate lead to death?

There are no proven results for this, but if the ailment is untreated and becomes severe, then it can be difficult for a person to live a normal lifestyle.

Are there any home remedies to get rid of Acne Conglobata?

There are no such home remedies that can help combat this situation. One has to go through a medical supervision.


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