Keratosis Pilaris

What is Keratosis Pilaris?

Keratosis Pilaris is a skin disorder which is frequent among teens and adult. It causes tiny, hard light-colored bumps to appear on thighs, upper arms, buttocks sometimes also on the face but that happens barely. Though, harmless but sometimes it causes redness or swelling. Keratosis pilaris is generally seen as goose flesh, goose bumps or chicken skin. The one having dry skin or atopic dermatitis seems to suffer from such skin condition. It just gives a sense of itchiness and except for that it doesn’t hurt or get worst.

Keratosis Pilaris Causes

The exact cause of the disorder is unknown, however, doctors through their study have predicted hyperkeratinization to be the reason behind the skin condition. Over the buildup of the protein (keratin) blocks the pores of the hair follicle. This causes bumps.  The one having dry skin suffers the most during winter since the air lacks moisture, which therefore tightens the skin. The disorder can be diagnosed by simply looking at it as it does not require any testing. The doctors says it can be also caused due to genetic predisposition. The bumps give a rough texture to the skin. Many patients have suffered due to the rough appearance and redness of the skin, this happens when the small hair gets trapped in the bump.

Keratosis Pilaris

What are the symptoms of Keratosis Pilaris?

Uneven bumps start appearing on the skin, especially near the elbow, upper arms, thighs. From 5 in number to hundreds it scatters around spreading the redness around the area. The affected skin gives a sandpaper texture. One should go to the doctor as soon as he/she identifies the symptoms. Don’t wait for days for it to vanish. As we all know in case of disease the sooner the better.

Keratosis Pilaris Treatment

Apparently, there’s no cure for this skin disorder. But applying the prescribed moisturizer or lotion by the doctor can let you feel better. Daily use of the prescribed moisturizer shall benefit the skin. The cream that contains lactic acid, salicylic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid exfoliates the skin and helps to treat the disorder. Topical retinoid cream which has vitamin A elements, as well as ingredients such as Avita, Renova Retin – A, prevents pore blockage of the hair follicle. But topical retinoid may cause redness and peeling of the skin. Pregnant ladies should avoid its use.

When all these cream does not seem to work, there’s an option of laser treatment as well. One should opt for laser treatment only when there is extreme inflammation and redness onto the skin. One has to undergo several sessions under a laser treatment. Though it is not the perfect solution to the problem it certainly provides relief when the cream and other lotion cannot.


A few below mentioned steps which can help you with the skin condition are:

  • Stay less in water. Staying for long in the swimming pool can cause itchiness in the bumps due to the chemicals present in the water.
  • Use soaps containing a good amount of oil or fats. The oil content in the soap lessens the dryness in the skin thereby preventing the tightening tendency of the skin.
  • Don’t scratch the bumps on the skin, as it would lead to swelling.
  • Apply good quality of moisturizer or lotion in good quantity.
  • Spray moisturizer in the affected area at home.

Keratosis Pilaris has no certain cure currently available in the market. Therefore it is mandatory to take good care of yourself after the consultancy from the doctor. The skin disorder cannot be cured instantly and requires a handful time to solve the condition by applying the prescribed medicines by the doctors and by keeping the skin lubricated. One has to try or undergo several treatments in order to be sure of the one which would help to get cured. To diminish the Bumps, one should never skip the medication and follow the process of exfoliation twice in a week for a better skin condition. This would lessen the redness and inflammation around the affected area.

Keratosis Pilaris FAQs


Keratosis Pilaris is contagious or not?

No, keratosis pilaris is not at all contagious, it occurs when the skin is extremely dry or lacks vitamin A elements in the body or may be sometimes due to hereditary. It does not transfer from one person to another due to contact of the skin.

Whom does it attack generally?

Keratosis pilaris is generally harmless skin disorder and anyone can get it. But it is common among children and teenagers. A few adults also get affected by the disorder. Female seems to suffer more, unlike the man. The skin disorder tends to hit more during the puberty stage.

Is there a need to follow a diet chart to cure the disorder?

Diet has nothing to do with the skin disorder. However, the lack of Vitamin A causes the symptoms similar to keratosis pilaris. Consumption of healthy food is always necessary for the proper functioning of the body system.

Is home remedy a good idea to cure the skin condition?

Home remedy bears 50-50 chances of curing the disorder. But one should not try any until you are sure about the possibility of betterment at least. Home remedy sometimes seems to backfire by worsening the skin condition. Therefore, it is always advised to follow doctor’s prescription and especially when the matter is related to skin.

Name a few basic products to apply?

Some basic skin care products that can be beneficial for the skin are:

Keratolytic: This product helps to remove the dead skin cells from the body. After exfoliating, apply the product in the prescribed manner or as directed by the physician. This would remove the dead cells from the skin.

Dove Soap: Dove soaps are very mild and contain a good amount of oil and fats. It soothes the skin and does not let it dry or tighten. The soap acts as a moisturizer.

Keratosis Pilaris Pictures

Image of Keratosis Pilaris Photo of Keratosis Pilaris

Picture of Keratosis Pilaris Pictures of Keratosis Pilaris

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