Livedo Reticularis Image

Livedo Reticularis

Livedo is the term used to describe the skin discoloration usually violet in color which appears as reticular or net like in structure. This discoloration is due to the disturbances in the blood circulation locally. The blood flow in the capillaries is obstructed due to small blood clots. This causes the swelling of the venules. […]

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Hip Flexor Pain

The hip flexor is a collection of muscles that enable you to lift your knees, curve at the midriff and let you flex your hip. It’s inclusively known as iliopsoas and comprises of two muscles: Psoas major and Iliacus muscle. (more…)

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Images of HIV Rash

HIV Rash

HIV is a condition where the human body develops a range of symptoms. In most people with HIV, the HIV rash is common and develops usually within the first two months of developing the virus. HIV rash is often seen as an indicator of the individual having the HIV virus. (more…)

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