Privacy Policy takes into consideration the concerns that other internet users have in respect to the privacy concerns while using the internet. This web page clearly points out what type of information we derive from the visitors of our website, how we put the information to use, and what measures we take to safeguard your privacy.

  • gathers data from the visitors via voluntary site registration, which is done while buying a product online or finishing up an employment agreement. Data is also collected through the acceptance of cookies, but not through Chrome Plugins.
  • owns a safe and sound firewall to ensure that unwanted and illegal users do not enter the systems.
  • uses small cookies, with the intention to comprehend how users use its website. This data is not used for any other purpose.
  • We may let advertising organizations, third parties, and other ad networks to showcase their advertisement on the website. Such organizations use cookies to collect information about the visitors. However, our website ensures that no sensitive information is provided to the third parties.
  • never sells or exchanges personal information about a visitor or subscriber. We respect the privacy of our clients and protect it at any cost.